RuneScape 3: Is RuneScape Still a Force to Be Reckoned With?

More than a decade ago, two brothers sat in their parents’ house and decided to create their own game. By 2001, the original RuneScapewas launched as a browser-based game with a very low resolution. Because the game was supposed to be played entirely in your browser, it was important that it didn’t make the user’s PC crash. The brothers used 2D sprites as monsters, and the low-resolution gameplay quickly became a major hit. Several years later, RuneScapewas one of the most popular games in the world, and it greatly helped establish the popularity of the MMO genre of video games.

There were more than a million players paying a monthly subscription just to get access to the dungeons in the game and get their hands on the latest loot. The secret to the game’s success is pretty obvious: it was regularly updated throughout its lifecycle. The differences between the original RuneScapeand the final version were huge, not just in terms of the graphical detail, but the gameplay as well. Only recently, the game was re-released under the title RuneScape 3.

RuneScape 3

Over the years, the MMO genre has been populated by many different titles. People have traded out their heavily customized gaming computers for sleeker consoles. Most people who play MMOs on their computers generally like the extensive detail and graphical fidelity that these games have to offer. So, the question stands, does RuneScape 3, a game that runs solely on your browser screen, still stand a chance amongst heavy hitters? Here’s what you should know.

Graphical Improvements

Gone are the days when gameplay was king. People now want to play games that actually look good, and the new HTML5 client used in RuneScape 3 is certainly a major improvement. The new client looks significantly better than the Java client that was used in the previous iteration. The in-game audio has been completely overhauled as well, so the game now sounds considerably better.

However, is it enough? For most recent players who are used to the previous version, this might just seem like a new lens to look at the original game’s world through. All the content spanning over a decade is still in the game, except for the fact that it has been overhauled and dramatically improved. You can find a RuneScape 3 download at SEAGM, a popular gaming website.

RuneScape 3

New Combat

One of the things that older players will have to come to grips with is a new combat system. The Evolution of Combat update released a range of new updates to the way combat works in the game. Now, a number of new abilities can be unlocked with the Strength, Defense, Attack, Ranged and Magic skills, thus allowing you more freedom when attacking your enemies. This comes in handy when fighting enemies, both NPCs and other players. It might take you a bit of time to get used to the new fighting system, though it’s extremely engaging once you come to terms with it.