Pinnacles and Components of Promap

If you are into real estate like you develop lands and sell them or you are an architect or maybe you are a surveyor, or simply you are a private land owner and is about to have your dream house built, you first need to submit a planning application to the local authority. Yes, as if they will not approve of your application for some reason like maybe your proposed building will block or will be detrimental to the other already existing buildings or simply it does not sync on the building codes and regulation in that state, then you need to revise your plan.

  For the local authority to fully get what you are trying to do, you should also submit planning maps. This is important so that they will be able to fully see where you are planning to erect your building, what are the surrounding landmarks and if there is an access to it from the common highways. The planning maps must be done comprehensively as this can also be the reason your project will be denied. You see, not all that are submitting planning applications will be approved. And yours can be one of those that will be denied if your planning application maps will not be understood or is not equip with the vital factors they need.


This is where Promap which is provided by Landmark Information Group. This is digital mapping software that will enable you of instant access to Ordnance Survey mapping.

With Promap software, these are the features you can expect:

  • You will be able to instantly view, save, print and even export Ordnance Survey maps. This is the kind of map that is ideal for planning applications whether it is just small or big projects.
  • It comes with aerial hybrid functionality that will enable the user to provide better view for onsite location. With this kind of function, the recipient of your application can right away see the location where you plan to erect or develop your project.


  • The Promap comes with a dedicated customer service as well as highly trained Account Management Team. Thus if problems will arise or there are things you need to inquire, you only have to contact them and they will be happy to assist you.

There are still more useful features that Promap can provide. But the bottom line is, this is probably the most useful tool you can come across.