Business Listing Management: An Important Foundation for Local SEO

People search for businesses and services in their locality every day. Just think about the amount of searches that go on Google each day for kids’ activities, hair salons, contractors, restaurants and plumbers. The local products and activities being searched for should translate to business and profit for you. It would be such a huge opportunity if you can make yourself easier to find on the internet in the midst of tens or hundreds of other similar businesses in your neighborhood.

Role of business listing management to local SEO

For most business people, claiming a local business listing is all you need to appear in local searchers relevant to your type of business or service. That’s misguided. Think about it: what would happen if all the businesses in your area had listings in review sites, social media networks, and directories? How would Google know who to rank ahead of whom in local searches?

Well, the more consistent and accurate a business’s listings are on sites such as Judy’s Book, Dexknows, and, the higher Google will rank it. The details should also be updated on a regular basis to ensure the information about the business’s location, contact details, and other important aspects is accurate and relevant.

How to manage your business listings

Studies show that the way customers look for local and news businesses has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Potential customers are now not only using Google, Bing, and other search engines, but also relying on sites on platforms such as Yelp to find new businesses.

This comes as good news for entrepreneurs who now have more channels for customers to connect with their businesses. It may also be seen as a bit of a problem as now you will have more business listings citation to manage than before. Most listings which are generated automatically contain incorrect or out-of-date information and may be misleading to potential customers. It is thus important now more than ever to manage your online listings. With the help of management platforms such as Navads local listing management, these four tips can go a long way towards giving you the competitive edge over your local rivals.

  • Identify your industry’s hotspots: Focus on researching the citations where the audience you are targeting goes to while searching for products and businesses similar to yours.
  • Claim the listings: Most top publishers will allow the business owner to claim their listings. This means you can take control of the information appearing on citations about your business.
  • Optimize website location information: Many publishers rely on associated business websites to collect information. For this reason, you need to make sure that the contact and location information on your website shun inaccuracies.
  • Encourage social interaction: It may be hard for you to realize this, but social interactions can positively impact your local search rankings.


The best thing to do to get the most of your business listings is to have a management agency by your side. Business listing management requires complex integration that only an experienced team can help you maneuver.